Southeastern Wyoming Local Fly Fishing Waters

South Eastern Wyoming is an off-the-beaten path destination that is known for its phenomenal fly fishing. The Wyoming area itself is a fairly remote and undiscovered nature. One could spend weeks and weeks fly fishing in Southeast Wyoming and never fish the same waters twice. From the Saratoga Valley, Encampment River, 6 Mile, Miracle Mile, on up to Grey Reef and all the waters in between, Wyoming fly fishing is truly a fly fisherman's dream.

When you come through the area to fish you can check out the Water Flow Levels with the National Weather Service or with the U.S. Geological Survey for the region. Also, you can check the weather conditions for Southeast Wyoming.

Big/Little Laramie Rivers

Big/Little Laramie River Big Laramie River Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides and trips:  There are several public access points on the Big Laramie River near Woods Landing,Wyoming. (Located 30 miles Southwest of Laramie on Highway 230) The Big Laramie River is a brown trout anglers dream. This truly is an "untouched trout stream".  There are many prolific Salmonly/Stonefly and Grey Drake hatches during the summer months.  Closer to Laramie, Monolith Ranch Access provides anglers with opportunities at trophy trout well over 20 inches!

Most days you will have the river all to yourself. Wade fishing is the best way to cover this water effectively. The river may be floated by river raft during the spring months when the waters are more swollen however, there is a short window of opportunity for this so book your guided Wyoming fly fishing trip early!

Little Laramie River Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides and trips:  Our private section of the Little Laramie River (near Centennial Wyoming) offers Laramie River and Jelm Access Area signTrophy Brown Trout, Rainbow, Cutthroat, and Brook Trout. This river is similar to the spring creeks of Montana and Idaho. The wild trout here are trophy sized but can be easily spooked. Anglers here need to know the art of stealthy fly fishing. A day on The Little Laramie can be a fun and challenging fly fishing experience. Fly Fishing access is limited due to private ownership, again book early. Get away from the crowds and experience The Big/Little Laramie with High Plains Fly Fishing Guide Service.

View water flow information for the Laramie Rivers.

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Upper North Platte River (Saratoga Valley)

Fish caught on the Upper North PlatteSaratoga Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides and trips: Our Guides Are USDA Medicine Bow Routt National Forest Permitted.

The Upper North Platte River is formed near Walden Colorado by the confluence of several small tributary rivers and streams. This "Gem of the Rockies" flows down through what is known as Northgate Canyon.(6 Mile Gap) This is some of the best dry fly and nymph fishing around! The “Gate” is typically accessed with River Rafts instead of a hard side drift boat. This a favorite with scenic anglers. This section of the river can be treacherous and should be always be navigated with an experienced guide. Eight and a half river miles down stream from Northgate is Pickeroon Campground (takeout). Pickeroon offers some of the best wade fishing opportunities on the entire Upper North Platte River. It is also one of the most extraordinarily beautiful sections of the Platte River Wilderness Area, an absolute favorite with the scenic backcountry anglers. The next public take out site, approximately 12 river miles down is Bennett Peak recreation area (BLM Managed). Bennett Peak to Treasue Island (take out) is a great float for hard side drift boats due to the maintained public boat ramps. Treasure Island launch site to the town of Saratoga Wyoming (approx.12 river miles) is a lower cottonwood strewn stretch of the North Platte River, with narrow runs and deep pools, offering excellent wild trout habitat. This stretch of the river is infamous not only for it's great Wyoming fly fishing but also for it's abundant wildlife spotting, ie bald eagles, moose, deer, etc. Treasure Island to Saratoga is probably the most popular float fishing stretch during the summer months.  It is common to have 30-40 fish days on float trips!  Moving farther down stream, north of Saratoga there are several other notable access areas and float stretches on the North Platte River, which we are also able to offer here at High Plains Fly Fishing Guide Service.

Fishing on the Upper North Platte RiverThe Upper North Platte river is a Freestone Stream teeming with Browns, Rainbows, and the occasional Cutthroat Trout. Golden Stonefly and several species of Salmon Flies provide the trout with the bulk of their protein year round, so these patterns always fare well. Fishing stonefly nymphs and streamers are also very productive. We also experience some great insect hatches on the Upper North Platte starting with Midges, BWO’s, Green Drakes, Stoneflies, Yellow Sallies, Caddis, PMD’s, and Tricos. These prolific hatches are often referred to as “Smoke on the Water”. Every fish in the river comes alive and you can’t keep them off your flies!

Due to seasonal runoff, the stream flows on The Upper North Platte River may be unpredictable to most anglers causing them to shy away from the river. Many days you will find that you are the only angler on the river and will have it all to yourself! Saratoga, Wyoming is about 21/2 hours drive from Denver and the front range of Colorado.  We would be happy to assist you in travel accomodations and lodging contacts for the local area. Our seasoned guide staff will show you the best times and seasons to enjoy the finest freestone Blue Ribbon trout streams of the West!

Check these locations below for water flow information on the Upper North Platte River.

  1. Near Northgate, CO
  2. Seminoe Reservoir

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Laramie Plains Lakes

Laramie Plains Lakes Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides and trips:  These High Plains Lakes are located 15 miles west of Laramie on Wyoming Highway 230. Due to their distinctive biological and PH levels, these lakes grow Rainbow, Cutthroat, and the occasional Brown trout at an astronomical rate. Alkali seems to play a part in this dramatic growth as well, making the lakes extraordinary Stillwater fisheries.

Fish caught in the Laramie Plains LakesThere are many prolific Midge, Calibaetis, and Caddis Hatches. Other aquatic insects on the Plains Lakes include; Scuds, Leeches, Damsel and Dragon Flies. Streamers and a wide array of Nymphs also work very well. The best times to fish The Plains Lakes are in the Spring and again in the Fall. High water temps in the summer can put a damper on the fishing. Early morning and late evening are the best times of day to fish during these high water temp periods. Our guides can take you out wade fishing or you may enjoy getting out on the water in one of our drift boats.

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Snowy Range Alpine Lakes

Snowy Range Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides and trips:  Our Guides Are USDA Medicine Bow Routt National Forest Permitted.

These sparkling, glacial fed lakes lie above Timberline atop the Snowy Range Mountains. There are literally dozens of these high alpine lakes to choose from. Some to keep in mind are; Lake Marie, Libby and Lewis Lakes, Gap Lakes and Bear Lake. These waters are home to Brook Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbows and Splake (Brook/Lake Trout Hybrid). The fish here have only a short few months to forage the surface for aquatic insects during the summer months. This, making them very eager to take dry flies day in and day out. These trout will tear your flies to pieces!!

The fly fishing in this area tends to be better the farther in you hike, so fishing more “off the beaten path” tends to result in a bigger, better catch. Since we are a Medicine Bow Routt National Forest Service permit holder there are no boundaries on where our guides can take you up here. A few years ago a 28” Splake was caught on an Elk Hare Caddis dry fly, a new record up here in the Alpine Lake area.

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Encampment River

Fishing in the Snowy Range Alpine LakesEncampment River Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides and trips:  The Encampment river is a tributary to the Upper North Platte River. It flows through the town of Encampment/Riverside, Wyoming, before finally meeting with the North Platte River between Bennett Peak and Treasure Island at the "Rainbow Hole" right outside Saratoga, Wyoming. The river is floated using rafts only due to diversions and low private ranch access bridges.  Wade fishing is great most of the season after run off subsides.  This Southeastern Wyoming river has prolific Stonefly and Green Drake hatches. Due to private ownership, access is limited. Another fly fisherman's dream.

Don't forget to check the water flow for the Encampment River.

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Miracle Mile

TroutMiracle Mile Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides and trips: The Miracle Mile is a tailwater section of the North Platte River flowing out of Seminoe Reservoir (Kortes Dam) into Pathfinder Reservoir. The "Mile" is the first tailwater downstream from the freestone sections of the Upper North Platte.  This world famous Blue Ribbon Fishery was popularized in the 1980’s and 1990’s, hosting Brown, Rainbow and Cutthroat trout in the 8-12 lb range regularly. In more recent years, fish populations have declined from approximately 4,000 fish per mile down to approximately 2,500 fish per mile. This decline has caused the “Mile” to get a bad rap, which in turn, has reduced angling pressures and has restored it to its former glory. This is still Big Fish Water, it is common to have 30-40 fish days!  Float fishing the "Mile"allows anglers to cover more water and catch more fish during peak summer flows. The flows here frequently change without notice which can be hazardous.

Anglers are strongly urged to fish with an experienced guide or check with Bureau of Reclamation for current flow data.

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Grey Reef

Fishing in the Grey ReefGrey Reef Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides and trips:  The "Reef" is a tailwater section of the North Platte River near Alcova, Wyoming. It is known for the Monster Rainbows, Cutthroats and Browns that thrive there. Fish are caught in the 8-12lb range regularly.  Consistant water temps and flows allow anglers to fish year round.  It is common to have 30-40 fish days with many trout well over 20 inches. Two fly nymph rigs under an indicator are standard, but big articulated streamers produce some explosive strikes and big fish.  Dry fly fishing can be done with Midges,Pmd's,Yellow Sallies,Hoppers, and Tricos.  Access is limited due to private ownership. Floating in a hard side drift boat is the best way to effectively fish and cover these fantastic sections of the North Platte River. In more recent years, Grey Reef has surpassed  the Miracle Mile in popularity for “hardcore” anglers on a mission for those monster Wyoming trout!

Check out Grey Reef's water flow information.

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